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IDEO is one of the world’s most celebrated design consultancies. Based in Palo Alto California, with offices around the globe, IDEO is annually rated as one of the world’s most creative and innovative companies. IDEO’s General Manger Tom Kelley —… Read More ›


Suppose somebody tells you that you tend to ramble and repeat yourself in your meetings causing some attendees to tune you out. Or imagine that a colleague suggests that sometimes the emotion you express while making a point seems off-putting… Read More ›


A number of years ago, Carol Dweck, a psychologist at Stanford, undertook a remarkable study of over 400 fifth-graders from 12 New York City Schools designed to see if praise for innate intelligence (being smart) versus praise for hard work… Read More ›


In its November 21st edition, “The Economist” paid homage to the late Peter Drucker who four years after his death remains in their words, “the king of management gurus”.  But what I always admired most about Mr. Drucker was his… Read More ›